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Russian phrasebook
Bookmark it or print it out and take with you on your trip. This excellent phrasebook contains all words and expressions you will need in your everyday life in Russia, and none you don't need.

  1. BASIC EXPRESSIONS (You are here). These are must. Start here if you are new to Russian, going to travel to Russia or want to look polite and educated while talking to Russians.
  2. ARRIVAL, HOTTEL Phrases useful for hotel registration, hotel staff contacts, currency exchange, etc.
  3. EATING OUT Here's what to say at the restaurant, how to order foods and beverages, traditional Russian dishes, etc.
  4. SHOPPING Some general expressions required when shopping, trying clothing on, inquiring about price, etc.
  5. DOCTOR How to describe your condition, call a doctor, and understand doctor's instructions.


Basic Expressions


Доброе утро.
Dobraye ootro Good morning
Добрый день
Dobriy den' Good afternoon
Добрый вечер Dobriy vyecher Good evening
Здравствуйте Zdrastvooyte Hello
Привет! Preevyet Hi!
Рад тебя видеть Rat teebya veedet' Nice to see you!
Как поживаешь? Kak pazhivayesh? How are you?
Спасибо, прекрасно! Spaseeba preekrasna! Fine, thanks!
Неплохо! Neeploha! Not so bad
Как Вас зовут? Kak vas zavoot? What's your name?
Меня зовут... Meenya zavoot... My name is...



Спасибо Spaseeba Thank you
Большое спасибо Bal'shoye spaseeba Thank you very much.
Не за что Nyezashta That's all right
Пожалуйста Pazhalooysta You're welcome



Извините Eezveeneete Sorry!
Простите Prasteete Excuse me
Ничего, ничего, пожалуйста Neechevo, neechevo, pazhaloosta That's all right
Ничего страшного Neechevo srashnava No harm


Saying good-bye

К сожалению, мне (нам) пора идти K sazhalyeneeyoo mnye (nam) para eettee I'm sorry I (we) should be going
До свидания! Da sveedaneeya Good-bye!
Пока! Paka Bye-bye!
Увидимся Ooveedeemsya See you
Счастливого пути! Schasleevava pootee Have a nice trip!



Вы говорите по-английски? Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee? Do you speak English?
Я плохо говорю по-русски Ya plokha gavaryoo pa rooskee My Russian is bad
Говорите, пожалуйста, медленнее Gavareetye pazhalooysta myedleeney Could you speak more slowly?
Я не понимаю Ya nee paneemayoo I don't understand
Я понимаю Ya paneemayoo I understand

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