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Russian Brides weekly updatesonline photo personals catalog of single russian women and ukraine girls looking for dating and marriage worldwide. Each 1-2 weeks about 100 new single russian brides was added into our russian brides catalog.
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Thank you very much for turning to our agency. Just in case you hadn't noticed , Ukraine is
simply brimming with beautiful ladies!But finding a life partner can be a challenging and time consuming experience.
This is true, that there are twice as many ladies seeking for their Charming Prince as there are Princes seeking for their Princesses,
but in the country the size of France it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Happy Family Marriage agency  is a professional marriage agency, specially created to meet the needs of the foreign gentlemen seeking a partner
from Ukraine.

We would like to let you know that our agency cares for its reputation.
We provide our customers with high quality services, which in fact is working out a matchmaking plan. We use our great experience to define the  ladies who
are really compatible with your demands and expectations, so that right from the start of your relationship both of you have something in
common, something to build  a strong family on. Similarly, we are providing  our clients with recommendations and suggestions to legitimate their expectations,
to make their future relationship strong, long lasting, vivid and warm. Perhaps we can help you as well!

As for Kharkov, there are many places where you can enjoy different types of activities: Opera house, museums(Historical Museum,  Museum of Fine Arts, Museum
of Folk Art of Slobozhanshina, Museum of Nature, Museum of History of Militia(police), Museum of History of Pivdenna (Southern) Rail Road, Museum of
Holocaust, Museum of Literature, Puppet Museum of Kharkiv State Puppet Theatre.), 4 skating-rinks (2 of which are right in the shopping malls), billiards and bowling halls, many cafes and restaurants to fit any taste. But the main sight of our city is beautiful women. Kharkov has been called brides' city for many years already as there  are more than 40 High educational establishments, which is even more than in Kiev.

To make a choice of vital importance for you we recommend you to come for 7-10 days.

Our Individual Romance Tours are completely different from any other Romance Tours you may find. We are not here to impress you with 20 women for 1 man. You
know that quantity means nothing in the case when it is difficult to meet the right person.

The main aim of our agency is to help people to find their second  half and to
create a Happy Family.

*We'll organize everything the best way for you:

*We'll find you an apartment!

*We'll meet you at the airport!

By meeting you at the airport with our english speaking representative and
taking you to the apartment, we guarantee your safety at all stages of your
staying in Kharkov.

*We'll arrange a meeting!
Arrangement of the meeting with a girl with the help of our agency is a guarantee for a lady's  coming to the meeting. We will help you to organize your
meeting in a secure, pleasant and stress-free environment; You don't have to worry what happens if you don't like the lady - if this
happens, we can help you to arrange extra dates with any other woman from our database. We understand you don't want this to happen, and neither do we - but
it's a good idea to have a way out, just in case the things don't go the way they actually should.

Your lady does not have to worry what happens if she does not like you - if this happens, she can tell us about it straight away and both of you can go your own
ways and don't waste each other's time any further. She won't have a problem telling us about it, as she could have, if she had to tell you about it in person. If you were meeting on your own, she would probably stay with you for the rest of your trip and say nothing only because of her confusion to tell you sincerely that you do not match and you could have your hopes worked up for
nothing. If you meet on our Tour, you will spend  this time in a better way, meet other ladies and probably still find the right person during this very visit.
Increase the chances of making your personal meeting a success by eliminating unnecessary problems and hassles - concentrate on falling in love with each
other and leave the horror of logistics to us!

As you can see, traveling on your own may hold different problems and hazards. Simply arriving to an unknown country where you cannot speak the local language
can be very intimidating, to say the least. If you do not have a reliable contact, you can unknowingly get yourself into a problem. You may have to rely on your lady for many everyday things and it can be unhealthy for your relationships, because ladies want to find a man to rely on him and not a man who will rely on them. Simply put, the dynamics in your relationship can have an unfavorable start.

Tour arrangement expenses will be discussed after you make a choice and define
the exact date of your visit to Ukraine.

Any kind of assistance or help  for you 24/7 .
In case of any emergency, we are available any time of day or night. Just give
us a ring!

For the Tour organization to Kharkov, meeting at the airport, accomodation with all conveniences, organizing meetings with girls from Kharkov, please contact:

Pushkinskaya str. 79/1, floor 2, office 3

Kharkov 61024, Ukraine

Cell(Elena):  +38(050)3270727     +38(057)7157450


Are you tired of being lonely?

  Are you searching for love and happy marriage? This is the right place for you!
  Our service is easy to use. We are a team of hardworking and intelligent professionals working with people of different nations and cultures. Our goal is creating a happy couple. We have a good reputation among our customers worldwide.
  We'll assist you in building a happy family with a Russian or Ukrainian Lady whose charm, beauty and traditional family values are known and appreciated throughout the world.
  We'll do our best to arrange your trip and make it enjoyable. We understand how difficult it may be to organize a meeting with a person from another country and travel to an unknown part of the world. You would love to meet this wonderful woman but you are unsure how to do it the right way, ensure success of your meeting and how to avoid any misunderstanding caused by cultural differences. We're here for you! Those are the usual questions that men ask when planning a personal meeting:
    How can I be sure she will be there to meet me?
    How can I help her with her travel expenses without exposing myself to a possibility of being scammed?
    How can I ensure my own safety when traveling?
    How can I increase a chance of my personal meeting to be a success?
    And many other things - airport transfers, accommodation, personal interpreter, personal driver, 24-hour support, etc, etc.
  We'll take care of it all! We'll take the burden off your shoulders and help you make your trip secure, enjoyable and stress-free.

1. Register on our site. Submit good photographs of yourself. Read our article about tips for taking good photos here.

2. Be active! Show yourself as the confident and energetic person that you are. Write plenty of letters (we recommend 40-50) and find out who you are comfortable with and who is interested in you. Read our tips for writing your first letter to your potential Russian bride here.

3. Communicate with several Russian girls who you like. See whether they answer your questions and find out if you are comfortable with them. You will have a natural rapport with some girls, whilst you do not know what to say to others. Let your natural inclination help you to choose who you feel comfortable and compatible with.

4. Keep your communications short. Ladies generally like short, friendly letters. Russian women may be afraid that they will be let down, and it will all come to nothing so reassure them that you are genuine. They may feel that an Internet love may not become real love. They are looking for a good husband, not a pen pal! Ask for her telephone number, and call her. This is a good way to communicate and really get to know each other.

5. If your Russian brides has children, ask her about them. Take an interest in her pets, and talk about her family values. Talk to her about your children if you have any. It is important to discuss family relationships and children’s upbringing.

6. After letters and telephone calls, the next step is to come to Russia to meet your Russian bride in person. Stay in a hotel, not in her home, and court your new Russian girlfriend. Let love begin to flourish and when the time is right for you both, you can move in with her.

7. Keep arranging the next meeting as soon as possible, and in due course ask her to marry you.

Russian Brides Want to Meet YOU!!

Browse through thousands of Russian women photos and videos featured on this Russian brides matchmaking website. Take your time. You are welcome to browse for free. You don't even have to sign up in order to browse the many and beautiful Russian brides photos. Russian women from all corners of the former Soviet Union seek to meet western men through the many and various online Russian women dating agencies. HappyFamily marriage agencyis one such agency and is widely known to have introduced many Russian brides to western men. The concept of meeting Russian brides online is a fairly recent phenomenon but finding mail order brides overseas is centuries old. In the beginning of the Russian brides phenomenon it was very daunting to travel around Russia and Ukraine because of the shortage of decent hotels, restaurants and travel services. But nowadays you can travel through these countries and get to know Russian brides without the inconveniences and discomforts of the past.

Getting to Know Russian Brides

Getting to know Russian brides in their home city is essential to the process, mainly because most Russian women do not qualify for tourist visas to USA, UK, etc. Besides, you really cannot get to know Russian brides unless you spend time with them in their home environment. If you do travel overseas to meet Russian brides, you will see how resourceful they are as homemakers. Russian brides are generally artistic and have a great affinity for nature. Russian brides are also very sports-minded and exercise is an essential part of their daily life. They walk everywhere. Russian brides are also very educated. Most who are involved in international dating have graduated from colleges and universities. Most of all, Russian brides are family-motivated, searching for a good man to head the family. Don't think, however, that Russian brides are desperate to get out of Russia. They are not. But most Russian brides realize that their chance for love in Russia is pretty grim. Russian women heavily outnumber their men, and most Russian men do not appreciate Russian women for their many great qualities.

Russian/Ukraine Dating Agencies

There are many Ukraine dating and Russian dating websites that feature profiles of Russian brides, so you will need to be discerning when you select a Russian dating agency. In your search for a Russian brides agency, make sure that it is located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or NZ. Companies located in Russia are not as reliable. Russian ladies featured on this site are called every six months to confirm that they are still interested in finding that special someone abroad. Russian ladies who do not log in after a month are removed from the search engine until they log in again. Be patient in your quest to find a Russian bride and do not fixate on a Russian woman too soon. In other words, don't fall in love with a photo. Russian wives are great but obviously it is imperative that you select the right lady just as you should in your local marriage search. Remember, any potential Russian bride worth considering will never ask you for anything material; not money, not gifts, not anything. Normal Russian women do not ask strangers for anything of a financial nature. It's contrary to their culture. So yes, there are a few bad apples in the Russian brides matchmaking scene, but the great majority of women hoping to become Russian brides to foreign men are simply striving to find a good man.

Russian brides
Abut strange brides online! Unoccupied and Easygoing registration procedure. It truly works. Accept to the Best russian brides online dating place. We furnish a distinction website. You\'re looking for a individual colleague? Our matrimony means can offer you oecumenical contacts to ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, erstwhile USSR (FSU), Eastern Europe or CIS countries. You can divulge for unceremonious on MYRUSSIAN-LADY, and girls devise note to you. We be undergoing 100 new ladies each week, upward of 5000 in unalloyed. Women of these countries pay out uncountable qualities that men are looking for, such as commitment to forebears and matrimony. It\'s usual for Russian women seeking a cover up to amalgamate men as much as 10 to 20 years older than themselves.

Single Russian brides seeking Foreign men. Your Russian love and soulmate for life.
More men play a joke on met their wives on "MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM" than on any other marriage agency, so if it is enduring beloved you are looking for, look no what is more. You can search by age, altitude, tonnage, tresses and eyes color and other requirements, - so you examination sole the women that fit your requirements 100%. After registering you wish be undergoing a mailbox on the purlieus and you'll start out receiving messages from ladies. The women may be interested in you, also you can send letters to girls you are interested in. Thousands beautiful russian brides, russian brides photos personals. We are dedicated to dollop you come across your Russian wife.
Online dating is a best way to meet special woman or search for long-term relationship. A lot of russian girls wait to meet you and start a serious relationships. You will like "MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM" because it has one of the largest databases of russian ladies on the Web. Just minutes from now, and you can be checking out lists of hot East European brides. "MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM" provide quality detailed personal ads!
Browse sexy russian brides, pictures russian brides and get Started today. There is no need to buy russian brides or mail order russian brides for joining us.
Signing up is really quick, a couple of minutes. Bookmark this website if you have to because we'll be updating it frequently. We offer many useful dating services including introductions and correspondence with foreign brides. Thousand of sexy single women ready to start chatting! You can exchange letters and pictures with the girls of your choice quickly using your email address or our online dating website.
Meet hot russian brides, Join free russian brides agency for an exciting dating experience!
If you are serious about finding your special woman, you have to give "MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM" a try. The technical support is excellent and we take care of your right away. We are confident that you'll find the beautiful love of your life. It happened for many men and it'll happen for you. If you have any concerns about specific women you are interested in, just let us know. All our ladies are real, intelligent and family oriented!
Every girl is provided with personal email, russian mail brides address. Speak directly to the pretty russian brides of your choice.
Whether you are looking for marriage or just for fun to hang out with, "MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM" will do the trick. Your email address is kept confidential we do not send to any of third parties. Start searching, and it should be easy to find your perfect match. With 5000's of Foregn women, we've someone that will meet your tastes. We do allow you to exchange personal phone numbers or any contact information within correspondence with any girl.

Interested in meeting young russian brides? Start looking through the russian women brides available.
"MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM" offers a fastest, honest and reliable online dating. There are lots of ways to narrow your search, so you have got a chance of finding the right woman you've been looking for. We verify our girls are single and available, they are ready to get married. We hold your hand through out the process. Our online customer support is ready to respond and assist your needs. We will answer all your requests and assist you.

Want to join in? Meet russian mail order brides through your usual email client directly.
We validate all our brides and their info to certify unequivocal portrait. You can ring up any girls you are interested in without having to get a paid membership primary. No more than send the "invite to introduction" for unasked for. We attest to you\'ll be so thrilled. We caress getting "acknowledge gratitude you" e-mails from men we receive helped. So empathize with untie to get off us with your suggestions, questions or concerns. Our Russian Russian marriage agencyyou the huge choosing, so Join Russian brides club!

It is really safe and comfortable meeting beautiful ladies on "MYRUSSIAN-LADY.COM". The multilanguage support of our site will help you get "Russische Frau" you need in German. We check on every new member, checking "russian scammers" databases to make sure they have no felony convictions, and checking black list to make sure they are really single. We hope you send us yours when you'll found your love. Joining is free, so click and enjoy. What are you waiting for? Join now and enjoy our great service including unlimited correspondence, private email addresses and more...

Singles Express Their Gratitude To HappyFamily marriage agency For Bringing Them Together

Which of these two decisions do you think has more impact on someone in life: to find a good job or to find the right significant other? Forbes magazine asked men and women, what matters most in their places of residence. Most considered "a number of other singles" will be much more important than the "great career prospects."

Singles now make up more than half of all American households, compared with only 20 per cent or so in the 1960's and 1970's. At a time when many people put off marriage until the end of 20 and 30, and a large proportion of marriages ending in divorce, the chances are stacked against you if you are single.

HappyFamily marriage agency is good news for singles, because at HappyFamily marriage agency you can meet someone special across borders. With numerous marriages and success stories published on, an increasing number of singles express their gratitude to HappyFamily marriage agency for bringing them together.

Looking for single Russian girls for romance or marriage?

HappyFamily marriage agency is an online dating service provider that unites a diverse community of marriage-minded women also known as "Russian Brides". These are women seeking foreign men for dating and marriage. You will find many singles using this service to find a serious relationship, just like you. HappyFamily marriage agency is a Russian dating and personals site where meeting Russian brides is simple. At HappyFamily marriage agency we understand that it takes time for a relationship to grow into marriage. Russian dating service from HappyFamily marriage agency offers profiles and photos of single Russian women and Ukraine brides, as well as ladies from other countries of Eastern Europe such as Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. These profiles are posted by respective individuals, interested in International Dating. HappyFamily marriage agency provides the infrastructure and all the tools for people to meet online. Are you considering a Russian wife? Why date beautiful Russian Brides? Learn more about dating Russian women.

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Russian Brides - a different relationship?

Most men use this site because they are looking for a different relationship. So do Russian brides - they are looking for a life partner in a foreign country. Foreign brides prefer to get to know a person before creating a more serious bond or marriage. Russian brides and Ukraine brides are different from brides of other countries because marriage is their main priority from an early age. Even young Russian girls strive to create a family first and only afterwards they think about building a career, not visa versa. Dating for most of these women implies marriage and family. A relationship with a Russian bride is likely to be different from any relationship you have had before. The divorce rate in marriages with Eastern women tends to be much lower than with marriages in America, UK and Australia. Read more about Russian brides and why so many American men turn to Eastern Europe for love. Bear in mind, however, that you still have to put effort into your relationship with Russian brides. They come from a different culture and speak a different language. A Russian woman who wants to get married is willing to learn and you should adopt the same attitude.

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Russian Dating requires determination and effort

Do not be misled by the term "mail order brides". Russian Brides are not mail-order merchandise you can order online and have it sent to you by mail. They are regular people with feelings and emotions. It will take time to develop a relationship and it requires a lot of effort. Brides from Russia are famous internationally as the most beautiful women in the world. A typical woman from Russia looks like a model. Therefore, Russian Dating is competitive. However, when you do develop a relationship it is likely to be long-term. Most single Russian girls have well-developed family values and instincts. They become devoted wives and mothers. Read more about Russian dating and Eastern European brides.
Meet Russian women and Russian Girls online. Find a loved one today!

Each year millions of men from US, Canada and Australia and many other countries meet, marry and feel happy living with Russian brides and brides from Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of Eastern Europe and Asia (see Popular Searches). Many couples eventually create successful families and raise wonderful children. In our opinion, marriages to Russian brides have a track record of success and lower risk of divorce. Why wait? Browse profiles of these beautiful women, post your own ad (it's free) and find your future Russian wife right now!

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